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From harvesting to processing to transport to the end buyer, the uses of conveyor belts, conveyor chains and ALL MATERIAL HANDLING COMPONENTS in the Forest industry are numerous. They are the ideal equipment to have on hand when working with loading, processing, and transporting bulk product. When carefully selected based on your production needs, conveyor systems can increase your efficiency and decrease what might have otherwise been a time consuming or costly task.

Used by customers all over the world, Triangle systems serve an essential role in the forestry and agriculture systems. Of course, there are several styles of conveyor systems in the forestry industry used on a regular basis. Triangle stands ready to work with you on design, installation, and maintenance of YOUR system.

Preventative maintenance is important in every industrial plant or factory, but it’s especially important for pulp and paper mills. Pulp & paper mills are susceptible to harsh environments that produce large amounts of dust and extreme heat. Preventative maintenance can eliminate or reduce the effects of heat & dust on machinery and equipment, and is critical to effective & efficient performance of these structures. In fact, 60-80% of all equipment malfunctions on Quality Control Systems in pulp & paper mills are caused by incorrect or lack of maintenance. As with any industrial structures, preventing problems is much more preferable than trying to fix them after the fact. 

A key component of our core business is our Inspection Program. We have developed a comprehensive inspection program, where we inspect machines, belt lines, and chain conveyor systems during scheduled field days. (We will perform these during runtime or downtime depending on your need and type of application.) A tremendous help for outage planning purposes and to minimize future downtime and eliminate any catastrophic failures.

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